Hi! My name is Lyricka, and I am the owner and creator of Lyricka's Creations. I am an artist.

My small business sells numerous products. They include tote bags, clutch bags, stickers, keychains, accessory pouches, wide bottom pouches, fine art prints, and photography prints. (More to come in the future!)

For a couple of years I have had family and friends ask me if I would ever consider selling my artwork in the form of prints. They liked how unique some of my art pieces were. The art I make includes drawings of black women, abstract artwork, mixed media artwork, photography, and digital artwork. I decided in the fall of 2021 that I would not only sell art prints for those who like my artwork, but also other products with my artwork on it as well. 

This store features a combination of products and a combination of themes. I am someone who loves art, books, music, and more. That is what you will see in the products in this store. Different topics I love featuring creations by me (hence the name Lyricka's Creations haha)

My hope is that those who purchase products from me, no matter what product they purchase or who they are, feel as if they are receiving something unique. Something that represents them or something they connect to. 

As my new business grows, I may add more to my online store. I may change different aspects along the way. That is just part of the journey.

I am still and always will be an artist who loves to make art. I'm excited to see where this new adventure takes me next. 

Thank you for your support of my small business,


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